What is the survey about? 
With this survey, we collect information about the beliefs and practices of physical therapists with regard to the pre-treatment assessment of the cervical spine.

Why do we ask for this information? 
Several surveys have been conducted in the past years but mostly involved certified manual physical therapists. Yet in clinical practice, patients with cervical complaints are not exclusively seen by manual physical therapists. Therefore, a recent study has emphasized the importance of implementing recent knowledge in general Physical therapy practice. We use the information from this survey to evaluate the current level of knowledge and develop and advise to implement additional specific education. It is therefore important that as many physical therapists as possible complete the survey globally.

Who can complete the survey? 
The survey is for all physical therapists (worldwide) who treat patients with cervical complaints. The survey can also be filled in by certified manual therapists.

What exactly do we want to know?
We are interested in the pre-treatment assessment you use in people presenting with neck pain / headache / or orofacial pain. 

Filling in the survey takes about 15 minutes.

Participation is voluntary and anonymous. By completing the survey in full, you permit to use your anonymous answers. The findings of this questionnaire will be kept securely. 

Data management
All data will only be used for this study. Data will be stored on secured environment provided by the HAN University. All date will be deleted after a 10 year period.

Ethical approval
The Ethical Research Committee of the HAN University has approved this study and declared that the study fulfills the criteria of the Declaration of Helsinki on Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr Nathan Hutting at NathanHuttinghannl

Thank you!
On behalf of the research group, we thank you very much for your valuable time.

Dr Rik Kranenburg                                       Dr Alan Taylor
Wilfred Wilbrink                                           Dr Firas Mourad
Dr Roger Kerry                                             Dr Nathan Hutting


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